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At our funeral home we specialize in funeral, cremation, burial, and memorial services for Cincinnati, OH families and nearby areas. Our experienced staff will guide you through every step of the planning process while offering support during your most difficult times. Whether your need assistance choosing between burial or cremation, we are here for you! Give us a call today at (513) 521-9303.

When someone you love has passed away, two major parts of the final arrangements will need to be considered surrounding funeral and cremation in Cincinnati, OH. The first is how you will want to honor your deceased loved one. The second has to do with how you choose to handle their physical remains. In all of these decisions, it is important to think about the needs of the surviving family members, as well as any known wishes of the deceased person.

Traditional or non-traditional ceremonies can be held and meet these needs beautifully. Though costs are important to consider, it is also beneficial to create healing experiences and spaces where loved ones can say goodbye and support one another in this deeply challenging time. There are no absolutes on the right way to handle things like this. The caring providers at Paul R. Young Funeral Home can help you understand what is available and some of the known benefits of different service packages.

Breaking Down the Differences Between Cremation and Funeral Services 

Cremation is a service that handles the physical remains of the deceased. By placing the body in a secure chamber and applying intense heat, the portions of the remains that are prone to the rapid decay process are rendered inert. Therefore, the only visible remains after cremation consist of pieces and fragments of the bones. These are collected and processed for uniform consistency. We often refer to these ground bone particles as ashes.

A few things to know about cremation are that they are handled according to local and federal laws. There is often a waiting period while the applicable permits are obtained before cremation can be completed. Cremations are only performed for one person at a time. There is no ability to reverse a cremation, so it is imperative that there are no hasty decisions here. An alternative to cremation is the burial of the intact remains.

Funerals, on the other hand, are an honoring ceremony. A funeral can have many parts or just the funeral event itself. For example, full-service funerals may include the public viewing of the embalmed remains. After the funeral event where the life and character of the deceased is remembered, the party may proceed together to the place of interment. Once the graveside portion of services concludes, some families opt to have a reception of sorts with drinks, dinner, etc.

Funerals are held with the deceased remains in attendance, most often held in a casket or shroud. One known benefit to this type of service is that it can help those surviving the death get a sense of the realness of the situation at hand. In addition, this type of closure often starts the bereaved on a good course for finding healing and eventual relief in the aftermath of loss. An alternative to a funeral is a memorial service. Memorials are held after the remains have been handled and do not center around the deceased remains.

Combining Services for Funeral and Cremation in Cincinnati, OH

Some people are a little surprised to learn that it is possible to have a funeral and cremation service for the same person. But, really, when you think about it, these two services are not redundant. One is focused on honoring the deceased’s memory, and the other on handling the remains. Combining both a funeral and cremation in Cincinnati, OH, gives you access to more options by saying those tender goodbyes and various final placement solutions.

Timing becomes the most critical factor, with the funeral being held prior to the cremation services. The body may be embalmed and presented in a clean rented casket as part of a full funeral if that is wanted. Instead of a funeral procession to the cemetery, the body is taken to the cremation facility after the funeral concludes.

Finding the Right Funeral Home

Selecting the right funeral home to meet your needs with final arrangements is important. Learning a bit more about the company you are considering is worth your time. How long have they been in business? How long have their funeral directors been working in this industry? Is the staff available to answer questions as they arise? Unfortunately, there are no options to redo the final services for your loved one. That makes it even more important to find a provider who is well equipped to handle your needs.

A full-service funeral home offers access to a wide range of service packages and options. This can simplify the process for you as a consumer, with everything you need available at one location. As you research which firm is right for your needs, look into the services and staff at Paul R. Young Funeral Home. Learn more about this qualified and caring provider for all things related to funeral and cremation in Cincinnati, OH.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is a memorial service?

Mourners gather to celebrate the life of their loved one, who has died. Memorial services provide an opportunity for friends and family members alike to express feelings about that person's passing in different ways: some may want simply to share memories while others might prefer more traditional mournful hymns.

What should you do after your loved one has died?

After a loved one has died, the first thing you should do is inform the family. You should also call your funeral director if you have one and if you don’t have just call a funeral home for immediate care.

What flowers do you give to a person who lost a loved one?

White, yellow, pink, pastel blue, or lilac are the most popular sympathy flowers. They are usually pale and subdued in color since bright colors would be too cheery for such a sorrowful event. Learn more about funeral etiquette.

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