Preparing a Eulogy

Published: March 13, 2023
by Paul R. Young Funeral Home

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If you have lost a loved one, it can be important to consider giving a eulogy at their service. This can let you express what the person meant to you, and it can let you get the closure you need. For people who have never given a eulogy before, however, it can be tough to know where to begin. There are some things that can help you prepare a beautiful eulogy. Here are the tips that directors of funeral homes in Oxford, OH recommend.

You want to read examples of eulogies before planning the one for your loved one. People tend to skip this step because they think that since each eulogy is unique, it is not helpful to read examples. That is not actually the case. You can learn a lot from eulogies. You can see how long they can be, what you can include in them, what tone they can have, and so much more. Read or listen to a few different ones to get a really good sense of what you can prepare.

Providers of funerary services also recommend that you keep the eulogy between five and ten minutes in length. Any longer than that and people can get distracted, which is not what you want. Take the time to consider if you know there will be many people who want to speak at the service. If there are, then you may want to keep the length of the eulogy closer to five minutes.

Another thing that you want to remember is to practice the eulogy before the day of the service. You will be dealing with lots of emotions already, and you do not want to add nerves to that, as well. It can be very helpful to practice the eulogy in front of someone so that you can get a good sense of what it will be like on the day of the service.

Focus on what the person meant to you and not on their biography. There is no need to give a biographical summary during the eulogy. Instead, you want to take the time to let others know how the person impacted your life and what they meant to you.

Preparing a eulogy for a loved one is something that can truly help with the process of accepting death and healing from it. You want to remember to consider how long the eulogy should be as well as the kind of tone that you want it to have. That can be dictated by your loved one’s personality and how they affected your life. For those who still have questions about preparing a eulogy, it is always a good idea to reach out to an Oxford, OH funeral home like us. We have a team of experts ready to answer all of the questions you may have about this or about any other funerary concerns. You can call us right now for more information or visit us today to learn more.

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