Making Healing Final Arrangements Like a Funeral and Cremation in Oxford, OH

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We offer compassionate and professional services of funeral, burial, memorial, and cremations that will honor your loved one’s life, while making the process as easy on you as possible. Our funeral home has been in business since 1947 and we have over 65 years of experience serving families in our community during their times of need.

Paul R. Young Funeral Home is dedicated to providing exceptional care throughout the entire process so that you can focus on what matters most – celebrating your loved one’s life. If you are living in Oxford, OH you can contact us at (513) 521-9303 for more information about how we can serve your family during this difficult time.

It is not easy to make plans for services like a funeral and cremation in Oxford, OH. The hurt, possible shock, and pain of loss make this a difficult time universally. That is why working with a qualified funeral home can be a great support to guide the planning process. An experienced and compassionate provider such as Paul R. Young Funeral Home has helped many families through these tender circumstances.

Final arrangements are designed to meet two major goals. The first one has to do with the handling and care of the physical remains. Then, the other involves the need to honor your loved one and say a final farewell. Whenever possible, having an honoring ceremony of some sort can help. This is because memorializing or funerary events have an important role in the healing path for those who have survived the loss. Grief experts widely agree that those who are able to ‘say goodbye’ during a funeral or similar event tend to have a strong start on their healing path.

The needs of those who have survived the death of their loved one are paramount when considering the design and purpose of these services. Yes, we hold them to honor and remember the life that has been lived. But ultimately, this type of event is for those who are still living. That is good to remember.

Understanding Types of Death Care Service Solutions

There are many good options for these final arrangements. Finding the ones that will best support you and your circumstances can be helped by understanding more about the types of services that are offered.

Funerals have been around in some format or another throughout all of human history. The defining feature of a funeral is that it surrounds the physical remains of the departed individual. Full funerary services often include the option of a viewing and visitation event. This offers space for loved ones to pay their final respects and ‘say goodbye.’ The actual funeral is where memories and words of comfort are shared. The service can also include the transfer of the remains to the cemetery or memorial park where the remains will be interred.

Funerals can be planned for larger guest lists or for smaller gatherings. Services can be held in a variety of settings too. At Paul R. Young Funeral Home, we have seen and heard of funerals offered outside, at private family estates, in churches, event centers, and of course, funeral home facilities. A graveside funeral or burial service also falls under this funeral category.

Memorial services are another type of event that can be held to honor the deceased. Unlike funerals, however, the memorial service does not center around the casketed physical remains. If cremation has been completed before a memorial service, the ashen remains could appropriately be part of the event. This style of service can offer more flexible timelines if additional time is needed to plan services or gather loved ones together.

Cremation services are not typically considered an honoring ceremony. However, this does not mean it is performed casually. The procedure is overseen by licensed and highly trained professionals who care for the tasks at hand with respect and in a dignified way. The process changes the intact human remains to a small collection of bone fragments that are left after a controlled incineration process. Cremated remains could be buried, scattered, or kept in an urn on display.

Interlacing a Funeral and Cremation in Oxford, OH

As a means to care for the remains and honor the dead, interlacing a funeral and cremation in Oxford, OH, can be a fantastic option. In this situation, holding the funeral first makes sense to accommodate the need for the physical remains to be present. This can even include the embalming of the body for public viewing. A freshened casket can be rented for this purpose. After all of the funeral events are completed, the body will be cremated instead of buried at the cemetery. 

Partnering With the Right Funeral Home 

When it comes to selecting a funeral home to work with for laying your loved one to rest, it is good to take some time to find the right provider. Some good things to look for are the level of experience of the directors and the history of the business. Since you only have one opportunity to make these final arrangements for your loved one, it should be handled by a firm you feel confident knows what they are doing. A funeral home that offers a full panel of service options and packages can also make things simpler for you.

The funeral advisors, directors, and staff at Paul R. Young Funeral Home are both skilled and compassionate at what they do. When you plan a funeral and cremation in Oxford, OH, this firm will keep your best interests in mind. Help is just a phone call away.

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