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Making plans for a departed loved one is undoubtedly a complicated thing to do. This is especially true if you have never made arrangements for services such as a funeral and cremation in Mount Healthy, OH. However, taking things one step at a time and working with a competent and kind provider can go a long way to help you through the process. There are two overall goals when it comes to the final arrangements. One encircles the need to honor the person who has died. The other has to do with how the physical remains will be cared for.

No matter if you have plans for a small service or a very large-scale event, healing moments can be woven into the final arrangements. Thinking about the needs of those who are closely related to the departed is an excellent place to start. The professionals at Paul R. Young Funeral Home have a wide range of experience supporting families from various walks of life through this challenging time. Using this insight and experience and your own preferences, you can find the means to create a beautiful goodbye.

Types of Death Care Services 

A decision that you will need to make early on is what type of service or services that you want for your family to be part of. There are many options within different pricing levels to meet your needs. An excellent place to begin is gaining an understanding of what the other solutions entail. 

Traditional or Modern Funerals

Funeral services can look very different from individual to individual. The main thing that defines a funeral from other honoring ceremonies is the presence of the deceased remains. Even if the body will not be viewed publicly, the service centers around the casket, which brings finality and may foster acceptance of the loss. Traditional services often DO include a funeral wake where the body may be prepared for viewing through embalming. Embalming is a way to clean and temporarily curtail the natural process of decomposition.

Modern funerals may look different than a traditional format but will still have the remains as a part of the service. After funerary services are completed, the whole party may proceed together to the place where internment will happen. Funeral services can be held in private residences, event centers, churches, funeral homes, or even outdoors if desired. When making these plans, the size of the expected guest list, weather, and other factors should be considered. The more services that are planned, the higher the end cost will be.

Cremation for Body Disposition

As an alternative to burial, cremation can offer flexibility for those looking for other final placement solutions. However, burying cremated remains is a great option when it comes to final disposition, so keep that in mind. Other choices include scattering the ashen remains or keeping them in a displayable container such as a funerary urn. The major purpose of cremation is to care for the deceased remains in a respectful and sanitary way. This is done through a secure and dignified process.

The body is cleaned, dressed as desired, and placed in a sturdy but lightweight container. Next, the filled container is loaded into the cremation chamber, a heat-proof furnace compartment. Once the heat is ignited, all contents within the chamber retort are consumed by flames. This takes anywhere from one to two hours or so. After the chamber is cooled, any remaining fragments (usually some bone pieces) and microparticles are collected and made a consistent texture. These ‘ashes’ are what will be given back to the family.

How to Hold a Funeral and Cremation in Mount Healthy, OH for One Individual

You can definitely plan a funeral and cremation in Mount Healthy, OH, for the same person. If you wish to have a full funeral service, you can even embalm the body for viewing. Rental caskets that are freshly cleaned and lined can be obtained to support this circumstance. After all of the services are finished, the body will be taken to the crematory as opposed to a cemetery. 

Selecting a High-Quality Funeral Home

Choosing a funeral home that can help you have the information you need to make decisions and support all aspects of the final arrangements is beneficial. Having a qualified funerary provider will bring you relief and ease just a tiny portion of the stress you are facing. Find out about the level of experience of the directors and staff and any history of the funeral home you are considering working with. Full-service firms offer a complete range of services that can help simplify the process for the grieving family.

As you look to the many solutions and choices available in planning a funeral and cremation in Mount Healthy, OH, consider reaching out to Paul R. Young Funeral Home for more information and support.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is the difference between a funeral director and a mortician?

Morticians and undertakers are other terms for funeral directors. They give planned and careful services in preparing the departed, as well as comfort to the bereaved loved ones. Learn more about funeral directors.

How do you help a grieving person?

  • Recognize the mourning process.
  • Listen more and speak less.
  • Allow them to weep.
  • Pose inquiries.
  • Provide practical assistance.
  • Be prepared to sit in quiet.
  • Keep crucial dates in mind.
  • Learn more about grief support.

Who are entitled to a military funeral?

Any member of our armed forces who dies will receive an honorable discharge and be buried with full military honors. However, only those who were Killed In Action (KIA) or died from wounds received while on active duty may apply to receive these services through VA benefit standards as well as having been awarded Purple Heart status. Learn more about veteran’s funeral.

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